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Our assistants  //

Manon photo.jpg

Manon Reid  | Chiropractic Assistant and Coordinator


Ste-Agathe, Tremblant

Smiling and dedicated !!! At the Clinic, Manon will certainly be able to answer all your questions and concerns. When Manon is there, she always finds a solution !!! And fast !!!

Suzanne Germain |  Chiropractic assistant



You hear snickering, Susanne is probably not far away. Her laughter and good mood are contagious!!!

Madeleine Cloutier  |  Retired chiropractic assistant


St-Agathe, Tremblant

For our oldest and loyal patients Madeleine was part of the furniture as they say!!! Present at our beginnings, she has seen our clinics grow and evolve as well as our children!!! Thank you for everything Madeline!!! You will always be part of the big family, even retired !!!

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